Stevens 320 Field

The Winchester Model 1300 was arguably the most underrated pump-action shotgun of its day. Durable, affordable and reliable, it functioned most smoothly under recoil.

Unfortunately this tendency perhaps impaired its popularity, as consumers who simply worked the action in a gun store failed to appreciate its slickness. The 1300 ceased production in 2006, joining the temporary demise of the Model 70 rifle and others. However, with its patent now expired, Savage Arms has revived the classic design with the Stevens 320 shotgun.

“The 320 is essentially a reproduction of the old Winchester, and we think it’s a really good copy,” says Bill Dermody, director of marketing for Savage Arms. “We kept the features and materials very similar, because we believe the design has been pretty much proven over the years.”

Our Stevens 320 Field is in good condition. It shoots 2 ¾ and 3” shells. The barrel takes screw in chokes.

The winner of the bid can call the retail location and pay by credit card. (252)777-4293


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