Hi Point JCP 40 S&W

The model JCP has a polymer frame like all Hi-Point pistols, a 4.5 inch barrel, and a slide composed of ZAMAK-3 with steel reinforcements.

It features an integral accessory rail for mounting lasers and flashlights on Hi-Point rings. The safety is a combination lever for locking the slide and blocking the sear movement. The immediate drawback of this system is that the weapon cannot be cocked while the safety is on; the safety locks the trigger/sear..

Hi-point’s handguns use a blowback design similar to that used in the Walther PPK and Russian Makarov PM. In blowback firearms, the return spring and mass of the slide absorb the rearward force generated by the propulsion of the bullet. As the slide moves back, an extractor hooks the empty casing and pulls it out of the chamber after which the case is ejected from the firearm. When the slide has completed its rearward travel, the recoil spring moves the slide forward, chambering another round. Many modern handguns use a locked-breech design and therefore do not require the amount of mass that the blowback design requires in order to remain safe to fire, comfortable to shoot, and easy to control during the firing process.

Our pistol is chambered in a 40 S&W and it is in excellent condition. Winner of the auction can call the retail location and pay by credit card. (252) 777-4293.


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