THE FOX STERLINGWORTH is a plain, staunch, trustworthy gun, at a reasonable price, that will make good all the time and under all conditions. It has all the exclusive FOX features.

The BARRELS are genuine Sterlingworth Fluid Compressed Steel-(FOX PROOF)-thoroughly tested and guaranteed for strength and shooting qualities. THE STOCK is best quality plain American Walnut, thoroughly seasoned and checkered. Full capped pistolgrip only. THE ENGRAVING consists of linework around the frame and guard. THE FOREND is a new FOX spiral spring creation, and acts as one of the greatest compensating devices ever placed on any gun. Will never break or get loose.

28, -inch barrels

Weight 5 3/4 to 7 lbs- 16 gauge

Our gun is in good condition rated at 90% and is a 16ga. It has matching serial numbers. It was made sometime between 1910 – 1942 (late1930’s?). It would make an excellent addition to someone’s collection with instant equity.

Customer winning the auction can pay by credit card at the retail location. (252) 777-4293

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