Terms and Conditions

Below are the ‘Terms and Conditions’ for purchasing a weapon from PKAT Arms.

  • All gun sales are final
  • PKAT Arms must ship all weapons to an FFL
  • Customer is responsible for all shipping costs to include insuring the weapon shipped (if that is what the customer desires to do)
  • Purchaser must provide legal name and the physical address to where they live
  • Customer must be 21 years old to purchase a handgun or 18 years old to purchase a long gun
  • PKAT Arms is not responsible if a person misrepresents his/her age
  • Purchaser guarantees that he/she is buying the weapon for his or her use or that of his/her immediate family
  • Purchaser guarantees that they are using his/her own financial resources to purchase the gun and/or ammunition
  • Purchaser must complete a contact form found at the bottom of the store page
  • PKAT Arms is not responsible for the improper and/or illegal use of the weapon by the purchaser
  • PKAT Arms is not responsible for damage to the weapon by the customer’s use of reloaded ammunition

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