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Five Great Concealed Carry Revolvers for Your Christmas Wish List

On the heels of our list of six great concealed carry pistols people might consider for their Christmas wish list, Breitbart News thought the time is right to point out five revolvers that are great for concealed carry as well.

Full disclosure — I am a sucker for revolvers. I love the fact that they are ultra-dependable, and I like the nostalgic aspect of carrying a wheel gun for self-defense. Moreover, although many 21st century revolvers offer multiple caliber options, I like the tried and true .38 Special round and the forever formidable .357 Magnum.

For anyone not familiar with revolvers, it is important to note that the ones chambered in .357 Magnum will also shoot .38 Special — so by buying a .357 revolver, you actually get two guns (or a gun that shoots two rounds). The .38 Special has far less recoil and is a particularly popular with female concealed carriers or anyone who wants to carry a gun that combines stopping power with reduced recoil.