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The world’s tiniest gun fits in your wallet

A firearms manufacturer has designed a folding handgun that can deliver a deadly shot — despite being the same size as a credit card.

The tiny shooter — which can hold five .22 rounds — is the same dimensions as a stack of credit cards and can fit in a wallet.

The Lifecard.22LR, known as “the last gun you’ll leave behind,” is small enough to fit in a wallet and weighs just 7 ounces — less than a Big Mac.

Manufacturers say the mini gun boasts a steel barrel, bolt and trigger and extra ammunition storage for four extra rounds.

The company behind the gun, Trailblazer Firearms, is said to have been working on the concept for the LifeCard for seven years.

Trailblazer president Aaron Voigt, who has served in both the Marine Corps and the US Army said: “New designs and true innovation have been the exception and our goal is to be the pioneer laying new trails for gun enthusiasts, designers and manufacturers.

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