Gearfire Shopping Mall

image144411-61984e2760682395e6e45caf3a4e9b28When you click on the Gearfire button below you are actually shopping on the largest online shopping network for guns.  The guns represented on this page are not located in our store.  It takes 3 – 7 days to have these weapons or parts delivered to our store, where you can pick-up your order. image144449-f1e9a6ca1a116740bda87da152bf77cdWhen you arrive at PKAT Arms to pick up your order, we will need to complete ATF form 4473. The pricing you find on the Gearfire site is marked 10% above wholesale.  Purchasing through the online mall provides you, our customers, the best bargain as weapons and parts located in our image144452-6549bf19aa961d399fe479b46f3df54bstore have been marked-up to cover the overhead of us purchasing the weapon.



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