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Amilcar Rodriguez

A few hours ago, I had the most pleasant gun dealer experience I’ve ever had! I arrived at the store and was met with a friendly greeting. Bruce walked me through the paperwork process and in short order I was walking out with my new pistol! The folks at PKAT Arms made me feel welcomed and valued. No small feat in today’s society. PKAT Arms is a firearms store that offers fair prices, and great customer service. Drop by and take a tour. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

General (R) Hugh Shelton

This is by far the BEST LOCATION I HAVE FOUND TO PURCHASE A FIREARM or related items! Pete, and his team, cannot be beat. They are courteous, friendly, and very knowledgeable. They operate in a low-key manner and are superb at researching to find the item you need. Have not found a competitor than even comes close!

Mike Dawson

I really like the big selection and prices. And that you actually have a website. Soooo much better than Nicks guns and gear! Do your gun and accessories shopping here!!!!!

Christian Gillikin

I have been shopping at PKAT for several years now. Pete has always been very fair on new, used, and trade-in deals. Very important to me is how Military and Law Enforcement friendly PKAT is. Yesterday I called to speak with Mongo about shotguns, knowing his vast knowledge and experience. After lots of research, I took his advice and purchased a new Benelli Montefeltro. Beautiful gun and always a pleasure to work with Mongo, Pete, Chip, Bruce, and all the staff. Thanks again for all your help! Looking forward to many more future transactions.

Eric Clark

I’ve been shopping here since it was Ed’s. I’m very happy that it has been occupied by the current staff. I’ve consigned a .45, sold them a .22 and bought a number of things from PKAT in the current incarnation. Always got a fair price (I think I could have hustled more for the 22, but I can’t blame them). Today I went in with a very light gunsmith job, was talking to another patron about it, and an associate came up, took my item, fixed it, and handed it back without question. Staff is knowledgeable but will leave you to your own unless you engage them. Double edge sword, there, but I guess first time buyers wouldn’t want to feel pressure and repeat buyers know what they’re looking for. I like the space, but I’m sure they could be more interactive without being pushy. All told it’s nice to swing into a place and not feel like you’re under constant watch for the next sale. All very patient, as I’ve had a dumb question in my time… I swing by every so often just to check their inventory.

Oneal Garrett

Love these guys, all are very knowledgeable and have great insight into firearms! Even those that they don’t even carry. They will also tell you if your better off with a different gun that they don’t have and let you know where to get it. To me that is true customer service! I mean when you would rather a firearm owner be safe and comfortable than to make a sell every time. For me, personally, I will always take my business to them. Also check out there CCH classes from Erik and his wife. Both are great instructors and make the training worth the time.

Jamie Hunnings

Purchased a nice piece in the store today. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and the store has a very nice inventory. They were busy and I dealt with the owner himself, he is a very nice retired law enforcement and military man. Took the time to let me compare several items, very casual and low-pressure, and offered gentle advice to help me get exactly what I wanted. Gave me a very good deal on my purchase, only to find out that the tag on the shelf was considerably lower than what the UPC code brought-up on the register for the weapon. He never skipped a beat, said he would honor the tagged price and the deal he had quoted me earlier. In and out the store with a bag full of goodies in good time. Very satisfied with PKAT and I WILL be a repeat customer!

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