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At PKAT Arms, we realize we cannot offer all weapons at a price our customers are willing to pay. With that in mind, we are offering links to other retailers. We believe our customers should have the choice of where and how much they pay for a gun and having that product shipped to an FFL that will not charge a lot for the transfer of that item. At PKAT Arms we charge $20 to transfer a Non-Class III firearm and $25 to transfer a Class III item. PKAT Arms is committed to be a “Facilitator for the Second Amendment.”  We want all law-abiding Americans to have the option of purchasing a weapon that the 2nd Amendment allows and the type of weapon should be a choice of expression that is covered by the 1st Amendment.

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Specializing in Ammo and Surplus Firearms for 19 years

AmmoSeek is a search engine to help gun owners find in stock ammunition, guns, magazines and reloading components at the best prices available online. The idea for AmmoSeek was born out of necessity. In the summer of 2009, there was enormous demand and thus very short supply and high costs for ammunition. It took hours of searching various online retailers to find available ammunition at a reasonable price.

Bud’s has an 11 year proven track record as the number one online firearms retailer. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, 99.8% positive Ebay feedback and a 99% positive Gunbroker feedback.

Cabela’s Inc. is a subsidiary of Bass Pro Shops, an American direct marketer and specialty retailer of outdoor recreation merchandise based in Sidney, Nebraska.
Cheaper Than Dirt! was born in 1993 and published its first catalog in 1994 filled with shooting and outdoor gear. The age of internet shopping arrived in 1999 and Cheaper Than Dirt was the first company in the industry to jump on the band wagon and developed an online shopping website. Yes, it was not what it is today, but it did allow customers to shop at their convenience and minimized the need for calling and placing their order with a telephone sales representative. As the business continued to grow and expand, this small mail order company grew into a top internet retailer selling products that appealed to shooting and outdoor enthusiast.
Classic Firearms was founded as Classic Arms in Indian Trail, NC in 1989.  The business is Christian owned and makes every effort to live by The Golden Rule.  Since inception, Classic Arms has been determined and focused to bring its customers the best quality military surplus products available while offering some of the most competitive pricing in the marketplace. 
GrabAGun sells firearms, ammo, gun parts and accessories for less with cheap shipping and helpful service.
One of the first online firearms sellers and a major force in the market, Impact Guns was founded in 1997 by 3 avid shooters.  We saw (and still see) the need to provide access to the best and latest gear at the best prices to anyone anywhere with access to a computer or phone.
Keene’s Depot first opened its doors in 1946. Over the next 70+ years, Keene’s Depot served its local community as a grocery store, ice house, and a sporting goods store. Beginning a new era in 2001, we shifted our focus to find a niche in our region. There was a strong need for a dedicated firearm and shooting sports store in our part of Kentucky. So, we evolved from a local depot store to Kentucky Gun Company, a sporting goods store where you can fill all your shooting sport needs.
Is a Veteran owned sporting goods store located in Hays, Kansas.
The history of Palmetto State Armory is simple, veteran Jamin McCallum returned from deployment with the same passion and demand for excellence that was instilled in him through the military. As an avid gun lover and business man, he soon noticed that there did not seem to be a customer friendly company available for the everyday gun enthusiast. With the help of a few family members and friends Palmetto State Armory was created to meet those needs. Starting as just an ammunition and magazine website, PSA has grown into a full service company represented by the website, multiple retail locations, and its own personalized firearms brand. With a dedication to quality and customer service, Palmetto State Armory has their sights set on continued excellence and growth.

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