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Waffle House Sacks Waitress for Firing Gun to Foil Robbery

Coweta County, Georgia – Waffle House restaurant fired one of their waitress, Heather Stanley after retrieving a gun during a robbery for self-defense.

The incident happened on Thursday about 2:30 AM

 WSBTV reported, “Deputies said the robbers gave a note to a waitress that threatened to shoot everyone unless she gave them money.” Stanley then went to her car to retrieve her handgun and she “fire one shot into the air.” The culprits then ran to their cars to escape.

Ben McCoy, a customer at Waffle House said, “She made it known she was ready to defend herself.”

However, the restaurant fired Stanley after the incident.

In a statement, Stanley said, “I didn’t know if they had guns. I didn’t know if they were going to their vehicle to get another one and could come back and try to get to the safe, so my instinct was to go to my car and get the gun.”

“For trying to protect their Waffle House and trying to protect their money and to get their money back, they let me go.” The waitress added.

In the past, the same incident happened at Waffle House. On October 10, 2015, Breitbart News reported that a holder of a concealed carry permit shot and killed a robber.

Police authorities admired the permit holder’s courage, and employees of Waffle House said that the intervention was life-saving. However, the restaurant management circulated a statement which asserted their gun free policy.

Waffle House Gun Free Policy:

“We are very fortunate that no associate or customer were harmed in this tragic incident. It is Waffle House, Inc., policy not to allow firearms with the exception of law enforcement officers, including security guards. It is our understanding that the customer involved was an off-duty security guard who was carrying his firearm and the incident occurred outside the restaurant.”

They also pointed out that, “We are well aware that different people and businesses have varying opinions regarding this issue, and we respect the right of all to have different opinions. However, we continue to believe this is the best policy for the safety of our customers and associates.”

Nevertheless, Waffle House showed their gratefulness that no one was hurt during the incident. And “will continue to work with local law enforcement as they investigate this matter”.