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There is little doubt that America has far too much illegal gun activity. People are gunned down in the streets. Children are shot while attending school and young adults look over their shoulders when going into a club. We all agree something needs to be done to protect us and it needs to be done now.

Will restricting guns decrease violent crimes in America? Anyone who has been personally victimized by gun violence understands the importance of gun control. Today, more than 80% of firearms used in violent crimes were purchased illegally. It is also important to point out that these statistics include criminal on criminal violence. Convicted felons to underage kids have access to these types of guns on the streets. There is a rising problem of gun violence in our country, and there should be safe and practical ways to protect citizens by keeping illegal guns away from criminals and terrorists.

Gun Control

About 52% of adults surveyed support stricter gun laws. These laws would keep guns away from criminals, terrorists, or anyone banned from traveling on an airplane in the U.S. Stricter gun laws would also prevent selling illegal firearms to people who have an extensive violent record. These individuals should not have access to guns in the first place, and stricter gun laws would save innocent lives. By decreasing the number of illegal guns sold on the streets and the black market, we can protect Americans without encroaching on their right to own a firearm. These laws would protect citizens, not prevent them from defending themselves or their home.


There are many misconceptions about guns. Let’s explore a few of the most common gun myths.

  • Criminals buy their firearms at gun shows (or gun stores).
    • The fact is only 60% of guns used in violent crimes were purchased legally.
    • One study shows that 80% of criminals convicted after a gun-related crime were not legally allowed to own one.
  • Guns do not deter crime
    • The fact is guns prevent more than 2.5 million crimes per year. However, in most of these cases, the guns used for self-defense were never fired.
    • Convicted felons avoided crimes 80% of the time when they were sure the victim was armed with a gun.
    • Convicted felons avoided crimes 40% of the time if they thought the victim could be armed.
  • Criminal activity would be reduced if guns were outlawed.
    • Washington, DC has had laws that virtually restrict gun ownership since 1976, and they still have a murder rate of 16.57 per 100,000.
    • Virginia has far less gun control, and their murder rate is 1.6 per 100,000.
    • Kennesaw, GA passed a law that the heads of households must own at least one gun. The next year residential burglary dropped 89%.

The fact is, between 1993 and 2013, murders involving a gun went down 49%. So, why do we suddenly feel like we are witnessing a rise in gun violence? With the World Wide Web, satellite television, and smart phones, we are simply more exposed to gun related crimes. No matter what city, or even country a crime occurs, we have instant information blasting on every airwave. The result is a never-ending stream of violence on every phone, television, and computer across the nation.

The age of technology and information has shrunken our world, but it has also revealed that these statistics are no longer our only contact with gun activity. It is in our city, our schools, our jobs, and when you look at the facts, gun violence may be decreasing, but many of these deaths are still preventable. It is our responsibility to protect one another and support laws that prevent criminals and terrorists from purchasing illegal guns in the U.S. Criminals will always be armed, but we can enact laws that make it more difficult. Safety is the main priority, and the American people will make their decision at the voting booth.

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