New Gun: Colt Combat Unit Carbine

Colt’s Manufacturing Company announced its first M4-style rifle with a mid-length gas system. Called the Colt Combat Unit carbine, this new gun features a number of popular features in addition to the mid-length system. The gun’s SKU is LE6960-CCU.

“Producing a mid-length gas system was the logical next-step for us, and it’s long overdue,” said Justin Baldini, Director of Product Marketing for Colt. “Shooters will find that by moving the gas block closer to the muzzle as this mid-length gas system does, the felt recoil is more constant with what is fielded by our troops carrying a 14.5” barrel M4.”


One thought on “New Gun: Colt Combat Unit Carbine”

  1. I just recently got my hands on a Colt Combat Unit Carbine, and I am absolutely amazed at its performance. Its accuracy and recoil control are unparalleled, and its ergonomics make it comfortable to fire in any situation. The Carbine has a stainless steel barrel, giving it superior corrosion resistance. The polymer composite furniture is lightweight and durable, and the adjustable buttstock allows me to customize its length of pull to fit my needs perfectly. The trigger is a two-stage design with a light, crisp pull. The ambidextrous safety is a nice addition, allowing me to operate the gun without having to change my grip.

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